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Wall hanging recycling bin with one compartment to place near to the same model. Its semicircular shape makes this product easy to adapt anywhere. It’s ideal for train and underground stations, where the waiting areas aren’t very spacious. The lid has a universal triangular key lock. Colours and text can be customized.

For the realization of this product made in Italy, Steel EN10111DD11 is used and later treated with a cycle of sandblasting, cataphoresis and powder coating. Such cycle is meant to guarantee the protection of the painted products, in an environment of C4 corrosion class, as requested by the UNI regulations  EN ISO 12944-2. The products are eventually polyester-powder coated with RAL colours at choice.

Max dimensions:

Height: 72 cm
Length: 54 cm
Width: 27 cm
Capacity: 60 lt

Optional: panel

Material: steel