Designer: GIBILLERO Design


In spite of the material used, durable and resistant steel, this bench has an harmonious shape and the chair is very comfortable. This was possible because of a precise design combined with high quality standard during the manufacturing. The name of this bench comes from the famous paint “Soft watch” of the celebrated artist Salvador Dalì. No detail is unattended. Every curve on the length and the loops that allow the filter of the rain and of the dirtness. The very high quality paint, the secure fixation are highlights of this product. The form of this bench is circumference with a diameter of 190 cm steel laser cut, press molded, zinc coated and painted in different colors. Thanks this accurate manufacturing, the bench “is able to stay” without understructure.


Dimensioni massime:

mm 1900x770x850
mm 410
kg 110

Materials: stainless steel


Nouveau produit, description en cours de revision.