The outer part of the CORAL DUO bin is made in steel of 20/10 thickness and is characterized by engraved curve figures with a variable height and 10 mm width. Inside the bin, there is a divider in steel sheet of 15/10 thickness, on which two elements supporting the two bag-holders, made in galvanized steel of 6 mm diam, are fixed. The cover of the CORAL DUO bin is made in steel of 30/10 thickness. It is fixed to the structure through a strong hinge, resulting from the fold of elements in steel of 30/10 thickness with 2 screws M8. The closing of the cover takes place through a spring lock with triangular key. On the upper part there are 2 plates, with inscriptions and different colours , indicating the chosen type of waste.

The bin can fixed to the ground through specific bolts (not provided) to be inserted on holes of 11 mm diam. placed on the bottom. There is the option of adding a base in steel of 30/10 thickness and 50 mm height, curving inwards by 33 mm to the outer perimeter of the bin, or a base in concrete, besides a raincover in steel sheet of 25/10 thickness supported by a tube with rectangular section 50x30x2.

For the realization of this product made in Italy, Steel EN10111DD11 is used and later treated with a cycle of sandblasting, cataphoresis and powder coating. Such cycle is meant to guarantee the protection of the painted products, in an environment of C4 corrosion class, as requested by the UNI regulations  EN ISO 12944-2. The products are eventually polyester-powder coated with  RAL colours at choice.

As an alternative to steel EN10111DD11, the production in corten is also available, on demand. In this case the material is treated with a specific oxidation process.


Max dimensions:

Height: 74 cm
Diameter: 46 cm
Capacity: 50×2 lt
Weight of the bin: 22 kg
Weight of the metal base (optional): 3 kg

Optional: raincover / Metal base

Material: steel