Designer: Lab23

CORAL ROUND bench is made in steel (30/10 thickness). All the metal parts characterized by a coral-like texture are welded together through a continuous welding. All the angles of the bench are rounded for the safety of the user. On the lower part of the feet of the bench, an ellipsis-shaped plate (30/10 thick), with a hole of 11 mm diam. for the fixing to the ground through bolts (not provided), is welded. The bench CORALROUND is made of 2 semicircle-shaped elements, connected to each othet through M6 screws.
Optional: Cylindrical planter made in galvanized steel, 15/10 thickness, polyester powder-coated. The upperborder is strengthened by a fold of 15 mm height.


Height of the seat: 450 mm
Height: 707 mm 
Diam: 1400 mm 

Materials: steel / corten