Designer: Lab23

CIGAR is made by laser-cutting a 102×2 mm steel tube (H 900 mm), and welding a 15/10 mm-thick, 60 mm-high molded shell to the top, using continuous wire welding. Under the hole there is an electro-welded concave perforated sheet metal with holes of 5 mm, where there is a central hole of Ø 20 mm.On the tube of Ø 102 mm, 80 mm from the top is obtained, with laser cutting, a door with light 100×300 mm, secured to the tubular by 2 hinges. On the upper and central part of the door there is a universal triangular key lock. A 30/10 thick plate is welded inside the tube to support the cigarette butt tank made of 10/10 thick galvanized steel with a diameter of 90 mm and a height of 220 mm. At the bottom of the tube, 10 mm from the edge, a plate is welded to which a threaded insert M6 is press-fitted to fasten the base. The base is made by pressing a 30/10 thick sheet metal. All materials are galvanized and powder coated PP.

Max dimensions:

Height: 990 mm
Diameter base: 250 mm
Diamante tank: 92 mm
Capacity: 1,4 lt

Material: steel / inox