Designer: GIBILLERO Design


MOKO ECO is an elegant bench, drawing on the ergonomics of the most classical park benches, but revisiting their shapes in a modern key and an updated technical content.   The seat and the back are made of expanded PVC and wood flour profiles. These materials are all 100% recycled and recyclable, self-extinguishing and resistant to external agents corrosion. A distinctive element of the bench design is the different width of the profiles, matching better the curves and the flat parts of the structure, lying to perfection in every single spot and making the seat absolutely comfortable.   Support structure and lateral legs are made of laser-cut steel and then zinced to grant a natural protection from long term corrosion.   The materials MOKO EKO is build of make it an incredible mechanical capacities product in which plastic convenience, wood warmness and steel solidity cooperate in full respect of the environment.

Technical Paramethers (Single module):
–       Dimensions: 1840x756x804 mm
–       Seat Height: 405 mm
Expanded PVC  profiles are 100% recycled and are certified “Plastica Seconda Vita”

Materials: steel