Designer: Roberto Semprini


The bench is made in hypergranite, fiber-reinforced material made in polyester resin and marble powders, particularly resistant to wear and atmospheric agents.

The inner structure is made of a frame in galvanized steel (50/10 thickness) and 2 plates in stainless steel AISI 316 for the fixing to the ground, 50/10 thick and fixed to the frame with 3 bolts in stainless steel M8x20 each. For the fixing to the ground there are 4 holes 11 mm diam. To be used with specific bolts (not provided). Hypergranite is available in different colours.

The galvanized steel used is steel EN10346DX51D+Z and, unless otherwise stated, is not painted.


Max Dimensions:

Height with backrest: 830 mm
Height seat: 460 mm
Length tot.: 2010 mm
Width tot.: 600 mm
Weight of inner structure: 10 kg

Material: Hypergranite
Available also in the UHPC version.