Designer: Stéphane Chapelet


The structure of the bench STRATES WOOD is made of multi-layered exotic wood panels. The 2 elements are connected to each other through 4 M20 stay-rods, provided with 4 spacers resulting from tubular elements 20×2 mm in stainless steel AISI 316.

The bench is made with 34 exotic wood slats 100x80x910 mm, fixed to the load-bearing, laser-cut elements in steel of 10/10 thickness. The slats are fixed with M10 screws, and the laser-cut cover in galvanized steel of 20/10 thickness, is fixed with M5 screws on 12 C shaped steel structures, 50x30x3 mm. The two parts in contact with the ground are covered with an element in galvanized steel bent like a C 80x100x80 mm and 30/10 thick.

For the realization of this product made in Italy, Steel EN10111DD11 is used and later treated with a cycle of sandblasting, cataphoresis and powder coating. Such cycle is meant to guarantee the protection of the painted products, in an environment of C4 corrosion class, as requested by the UNI regulations  EN ISO 12944-2. The products are eventually polyester-powder coated with RAL colours at choice.

The galvanized steel used is steel EN10346DX51D+Z and, unless otherwise stated, is not painted.

The wood used is either Iroko or Okume, treated with natural, water-repellent, UV ray resistant oils.


Max dimensions:

Height: 2500 mm
Height of seat: 430-480 mm
Width: 1130 mm
Width of seat: 910 mm
Length: 4000 mm

Materials: steel, wood