The bollard EASY is made in steel. The tubular steel, 102 mm diam. and 3 mm thick, is laser-cut on the upper part so that it looks 45° inclined. The top of the bollard is welded through continuous welding, later polished, so that it looks seamless. A flange in steel 60/10 thickness, with 4 holes 10 mm diam, for the fixing to the ground through specific bolts (not provided), is welded to the base of the bollard. The version for the fixing through cementation is provided with an under flange extension of 250 mm and the flange comes with no holes.

This product is entirely made in Italy from steel subjected to an electrolytic galvanising cycle and subsequently painted with PP powders with Ral colour of your choice.

This product can come in stainless steel AISI 316 as well.


Max dimensions:

Height: 790 mm
Bollard Diameter: 102 mm
Flange Diameter: 200 mm
Weight: 7 kg
Optional: extension for cementation

Material: steel