The 3 compartment bin for the separate waste collection is provided with openings on the outer perimeter to check what is inside the bin, which is necessary in terms of safety. The structure of the bin is made in galvanized steel sheet of 12/10 thickness, which is calendered and that is what gives it a slight conical shape. The cover is made in galvanized steel sheet of 12/10 thickness and has 3 slice-shaped holes. The cover is fixed to the structure through a strong hinge. Over the cover there are 3 plates with inscriptions

indicating the chosen type of waste and a triangular key lock. Inside the bin, there is a divider created by two parts of steel sheet of 12/10 thickness, halted on the upper part by a bracket in steel of 30/10 thickness, with holes for the insertion of 3 removable bag-holders, made in galvanized steel of 6 mm diam. The bottom is the result of the turning of the steel sheet of 10/10 thickness and is provided with loops M10 for the fixing to the ground through specific bolts (not provided). All the visible elements are polyester-powder coated.

This product is entirely made in Italy from steel subjected to an electrolytic galvanising cycle and subsequently painted with PP powders with Ral colour of your choice.

The galvanized steel used is steel EN10346DX51D+Z and, unless otherwise stated, is not painted.


Max dimensions:

Height: 87 cm
Length: 46/49,5 cm
Capacity: 3×40 lt

Optional: raincover /ashtray Mini Cigar (0,75 lt) / Polycarbonate transparent windows

Material: steel