In today’s article, we will tell you about our work on the Rimini Sea Park, a project aimed at revitalizing the waterfront of this beautiful italian town, which is visited by millions of tourists from all around the world every year.

The Rimini Sea Park Project

Green spaces, nature, sports facilities, bike lanes and pedestrian paths: the vision behind the redevelopment of the Rimini Sea Park places a new concept of urban space at its core. It prioritizes individuals, the natural environment that surrounds them, daily good practices and a new way of living and moving along the waterfront, away from chaos, traffic and architectural barriers.

This comprehensive renovation has successfully transformed the 16 kilometers that run alongside the iconic Romagnola beach, one of the most famous in the world.

At the heart of this new design for the Rimini Sea Park is a strong commitment to improving individual well-being by focusing on sustainable mobility for residents and the natural environment in which they spend their leisure time.

Spaces at the Rimini Sea Park: Sports, Wellness and Play Areas

This ongoing project began at both ends of the waterfront: Marina Centro on one side and the Spadazzi waterfront in Miramare on the other.

To the north, from Torre Pedrera to Rivabella, 6 kilometers of waterfront have been revitalized and pedestrianized, featuring green areas and bike paths. To the south, there are 8 freely accessible fitness islands dedicated to outdoor physical activity.

They come in various sizes, including functional islands for beginners and calisthenics islands for more experienced athletes.

There are also 5 play areas for children, fountains with water features, dynamic LED lighting and scenic water jets.

The New Urban Furnishings of Rimini’s Waterfront

In the context of this urban redevelopment, LAB23 has made its contribution with some of its finest urban furniture products.

One such example is the SIDE bike rack, designed by Stéphane Chapelet. It’s both functional and stylish, made from steel, treated with an electrolytic zinc coating and finished with PP powder coating in a choice of RAL colors.

Another iconic product featured in the Rimini waterfront project is PURE, a practical and stylish recycling bin also designed by Stéphane Chapelet.

It’s made from sheet steel, treated with an electrolytic zinc coating and finished with PP powder coating in a choice of RAL colors.

These are just two of the products created by LAB23 for the Rimini Sea Park.

If you’d like to discover more details about the project we’ve been involved in, visit our dedicated Rimini Sea Park page on our website. Here, you’ll find stunning photos of our installations and get a close look at our products.