Designer: Progetto CMR

Our BOOMERANG bench is made of HPRC®, a composite, malleable and highly performing material that allows the production of elements of any shape. HPRC® is characterized by a very high mechanical resistance (traction / compression / bending) and by waterproofing, it is highly resistant to shocks and atmospheric agents (salt, smog, ice, sand, etc.). The smooth and at the same time material finish and the very high ability to disperse heat / cold make it a very comfortable material even in extreme climatic situations. An anti-graffiti material and, if necessary, repairable thanks to the repair KIT supplied on request. An ECOLOGICAL material, produced with at least 30% recycled and 100% recyclable material, which meets the minimum environmental criteria (CAM) dictated by current regulations.

Designed by Progetto CMR, the 500mm high BOOMERANG bench is available in five sizes with two modules each with different lengths and curves.

In this bench it is possible to request sitWARM®, a technology, developed by LAB23 in collaboration with the Italian company of reference in the field of electric heating, that heats the surface of the outdoor seating in a homogeneous, safe, ecological, economical and it does not require any maintenance after installation.

Materials: UHPC