Designer: Dull Eyes


The bench PUNKA is made in steel (40/10 thickness). The elements shaping the seat are welded together through a continuous welding, which is later polished so that the union is not visible. Seat, supports and feet of the bench are made with one steel sheet, bent on 4 points with an agle of 90°. Here elements of support are welded to further characterize the bench. The bench can be fixed to the ground through specific bolts (not provided) to be inserted on 4 holes (10 mm diam.).

This product is entirely made in Italy from steel subjected to an electrolytic galvanising cycle and subsequently painted with PP powders with Ral colour of your choice.


Max dimensions:

Height: 450 mm
Length: 1200/1800 mm
Width: 500 mm
Width of the feet: 130 mm

Weight (1800): 79 kg
Weight (1200): 60 kg

Material: steel