The load-bearing structure of the bench STRETCH is made in steel (60/10 thickness). The upper part of the bench and the backrest are made in exotic hardwood of 45 mm thickness. The backrest is cut with a three-dimensional pantograph C.N.C., which gives you 2 shapes of 1700×80 mm. The seat in wood is fixed to the load-bearing structure through M6 screws.To make the wooden backrest even stronger, 2 solid elements in steel (60/10 thickness) have been fixed on the back. The base of the metal structure has 4 holes (12 mm diam.) to be fixed to the ground through specific bolts (not provided).

This product is entirely made in Italy from steel subjected to an electrolytic galvanising cycle and subsequently painted with PP powders with Ral colour of your choice.

The wood used is either Iroko or Okume, treated with natural, water-repellent, UV ray resistant oils.


Max dimensions:

Height: 730 mm
Height of the seat: 450 mm
Width: 450 mm
Length: 2000 mm
Weight of steel: 34 kg

Materials: steel, wood