Designer: GIBILLERO Design


DEACON TABLE is an outdoor table , net and basic, consisting of 7 strips of laminated wood or PVC, section 100 x 100 mm , suitably spaced and supported by a steel structure laser – shaped.
The side legs made ​​of steel, have vertical cuts which give a continuity in the design of solids and voids that characterizes the design of this product .
The table associated with the session ” DEACON ” completes its function , becoming an elegant outdoor product that , for the size and quality of materials, certainly guarantee a long durability .

DEACON TABLE ECO was developed thinking about the environment, recycle and minimization of production processes. Just in a word: sustainability. The structure of the table is made of galvanized steel without any further coating process.
The upper floor of the table is made ​​up of a series of profiles in PVC foam and wood flour. A recycled material, 100% recyclable, flame retardant and resistant to corrosion caused by external agents, “Plastica Seconda Vita” certified.


Overall dimension:

1820 x 850 x h 760 mm

Materials: steel and wood


Nouveau produit, description en cours de revision.