Designer: GIBILLERO Design


MOKINO is a bin that incorporates the design of MOKO bench. It is characterized by the use of tubular steel or wood profiles of equal length but of different thickness (20, 40, 80 mm). Profiles are arranged to adapt perfectly to the curves of the bin creating a very soft shape.

On the top and on the basis there are two laser shaped, galvanized and painted steel plates. The bag container is inside.

The bin is also available with the covering element made of galvanized in-folded steel.


MOKINO dimensions: 480 x 480 x h 800 mm
Capacity: 90 liters

MOKINO COVERED dimensions: 480 x 480 x h 1005 mm
Capacity: 90 liters

Materials: PVC – stainless steel – wood


Nouveau produit, description en cours de revision.