Designer: GIBILLERO Design



GIBILLERO is a practical and modular waste separation system, designed for shared spaces, both indoor and outdoor. It has been manufactured in zinc-plated steel, painted and laser cut.

GIBILLERO is an easy to use system, offering multiple possibilities. This includes modules assemblage using an easy and customizable procedure that adapts on functional or aesthetical needs of the user. Colors, text or images can also be personalized thanks to our laser-cut technology.

Every single module is provided with a sack-carrying system, making the extraction and the content inspection, compliant to anti-terrorism laws, as easy as possible

GIBILLERO can be used in a public place from communities or also in small private space thanks to its lightness and versatility.



Technical Paramethers (Single module)

Dimensions 350x350x900 mm
Capacity 100 liters
Weight 11 kilos

Materials: Stainless Steel


Nouveau produit, description en cours de revision.