Bicycle canopies are an important element in urban design, offering not only a practical shelter for bicycles, but also helping to promote a sustainable lifestyle and green mobility.

In this context, LAB23 aries as a pioneer in the design and realization of innovative solutions for bicycle canopies, transforming urban spaces into welcoming, attractive and functional places.

But let’s start with the basics.

What are bicycle sheds and what are they for?

Bicycle canopies are structures designed to shelter bicycles from the weather and provide a safe anchorage point.

They play a crucial role in promoting sustainable mobility, encouraging the use of two-wheelers as an environmentally friendly means of transport. These canopies not only protect bicycles from the weather, but also encourage the use of a green means of transport, contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

LAB23 and bike canopies: solutions for the city

LAB23 is at the forefront of innovative bike canopies, offering products that combine aesthetics and functionality. The company’s projects aim to improve the citizen’s experience and promote a more sustainable city.

An example of this is Rhang, the canopy created by Righetto and Partners, which stands out for its essential and refined shape, ideal for fitting into any architectural environment, whether traditional or modern.

It is a durable and functional product, ideal for parking bicycles and e-scooters.

All of LAB23’s modern design canopies are made of high quality materials and are designed to withstand the weather, ensuring a touch of elegance to urban spaces.

Distinguished by their verticality and originality in design, these bicycle canopies not only provide effective shelter, but also become true works of urban art. They are available in different shapes and materials, adapting to the specific needs of each city context.

The quality of LAB23 products is a reflection of our attention to detail and innovation that we have always pursued with commitment and professionalism.

Despite the high quality of the products in our catalogue, our company strives to keep prices affordable, making canopies an affordable and classy solution.

Browse through our catalogue and discover LAB23’s signature projects. It has always been our desire to help transform urban spaces into welcoming, sustainable and cutting-edge environments.

Choosing LAB23 means investing in the future of urban furniture and the promotion of a sustainable lifestyle. We look forward to seeing you online!