In the fascinating world of urban furniture, the backless chair aries as a versatile and modern option that combines contemporary design and functionality.

LAB23 is a Company that stands out for the innovation and quality of its products, a leader in the urban furniture sector, which offers cutting-edge solutions for backless seating.

Backless seating: a choice of style and comfort

The backless chair, often also called urban furniture chair, is an ideal solution for city environments. The lack of a backrest makes these chairs versatile and suitable for many uses, from the square, to the boulevard, to the city park.

But what should the seat of a chair without a backrest look like? The answer is simple: it must be designed to offer maximum comfort and resistance.

LAB23 has masterfully met this challenge, designing aesthetically beautiful but also comfortable seats that perfectly suit the needs of urban users.

How to choose a comfortable seat for urban furniture?

Always remember that the choice of a seat for street furniture should not be limited only to the aesthetic aspect. Comfort is indeed fundamental, considering that these chairs are intended to be used by people of all ages and backgrounds.

This is why LAB23 has designed innovative solutions that guarantee comfort and support even during long periods of use.

LAB23 models: functionality and style without compromise

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, LAB23 offers several models of backless chairs in its product catalogue. Let us look at some of the most popular ones below.

The Horizon chairs are an example of style and modernity. Manufactured with high quality and durable materials such as steel, these chairs (also available without backrests) fit perfectly into all types of urban contexts, creating welcoming and dynamic spaces.

The choice of materials guarantees weather resistance, making the Horizon chairs ideal for squares, parks and city streets.

Then there is the option of Horizon chair in WPC: a true fusion of technology and nature. With this model LAB23 pushes the boundaries of innovation even further, skilfully combining modern aesthetics with environmental sustainability.

Made of Wood Plastic Composite (WPC), these chairs combine the beauty of wood with the durability of plastic. The result is an elegant, durable and environmentally friendly solution.

Next we come to the Zen 3000 benches, created by LAB23 designers for those looking for a more spacious and cosy solution. Zen 3000 benches offer maximum comfort without sacrificing style.

With a minimalist design, these benches blend harmoniously into any urban context, creating spaces for relaxing and socializing.

In an ever-changing world, LAB23 stands out for its ability to anticipate the needs of urban furniture.

With its backless seating models, the company has demonstrated its ability to combine design, functionality and sustainability, creating welcoming and modern urban spaces.

In this panorama, LAB23 confirms itself as a reference point in the sector, proposing innovative solutions that meet the needs of a city in constant transformation.