Circular benches are becoming increasingly popular in modern urban furnishings.

These elegant designer items, which are also available in curved or semi-circular variations, not only provide comfortable resting spots, but also add a touch of style and innovation to public spaces.

Continue reading the article to explore the features, models and prices of round outdoor benches.

Circular bench: an innovation for urban furnishing

Circular benches are distinguished by their curved or semi-circular shape.

These design solutions have many pluses, and are ideal for parks, squares, and other public places.

Their round shape comfortably accommodates many people, encouraging social interaction and space sharing. These rounded benches are often integrated with planters, contributing to a greener and more welcoming environment.

How wide should a circular bench be?

The width of benches is an important factor as it affects not only the design and footprint, but also the comfort and capacity to accommodate as many people as possible.

The diameter of circular benches may vary depending on the model and specific project requirements. However, to comfortably accommodate more people, this type of bench typically has a diameter of at least 2 meters.

This generous space allows groups to sit together – or even lie down if necessary. Of course, the ideal shape can vary depending on available space and intended use, but generally speaking, it’s important that the bench is spacious and inviting.

You can find several models of circular benches in the catalogue of LAB23, a Venetian company specializing in urban furnishings and solutions for the city.

LAB23’s circular benches

The round Variations bench, designed by Stéphane Chapelet, is a modular bench made of a tubular steel structure and slats made from exotic wood. These items come with accessories such as backrests, armrests, and a small table.

In Variations, accessories are fitted to the bench itself using a concealed assembly system. The feet are supplied with holes for securing to the ground.

Another example is Coco, designed by One Works for the City Life project in Milan and manufactured by LAB23. It is a modern design bench made of HPRC®.

It’s a modular, backless, versatile, and flexible solution with minimalist lines and small dimensions that can easily be arranged to create various shapes and meet different needs. The three basic items are each shaped as a quarter circle with different diameters, and can be combined in various ways.

For this bench, you can order sitWARM® – a technology developed by LAB23 in cooperation with the leading Italian company in electric heating which allows the outdoor seating surface to be heated uniformly, safely, ecologically, and economically – all with no post-installation maintenance.

Finally, another sought-after solution is Alcorque Circular, a tree protector with an integrated circular seat. This model is ideal for creating resting and relaxation areas in urban green spaces.

Alcorque Circular stems from an idea by Brunch Design, and comprises parts made of 50/10 thick steel and 30 mm thick multilayer wood in a rounded shape. The sheets, which feature a special “New York” texture obtained with laser cutting, are welded together using continuous wire welding, and then polished.

How much does a circular bench cost

The prices of circular benches vary depending on the chosen model, dimensions, and requested personalizations. However, do feel free to contact us for an accurate quote for your project. Simply write to us here:

We look forward to welcoming you to LAB23’s website, where you can see our products and the projects we have already installed around the world.