Street furniture plays a basic role in the creation of welcoming and functional public spaces.

Among the key elements, outdoor benches play a prominent role, offering not only a place to rest, but also an aesthetic contribution to the surroundings.

Over the past few months, we have blogged about different types of benches designed by LAB23: from circular ones to those with planters, to smart benches.

In this article, we gather all the information about outdoor benches, focusing on materials such as concrete and wood.

Why benches are important in city décor

Benches play a significant role in urban design for several reasons, and their importance can be considered from several points of view.

First of all, they offer citizens and visitors a place to sit, relax and take a break.
In an urban environment often very dynamic, benches provide an opportunity to regenerate energy.
They also provide a meeting place for people. They can facilitate social interaction between individuals, promoting a sense of community and contributing to build a social ties.

Let us also not forget that outdoor benches are often placed in strategic locations, which offer panoramic views or allow to appreciate elements of the urban landscape, such as parks, monuments or main streets. They thus contribute to enhance the beauty of their surroundings.

Finally, when designed in an aesthetically pleasing manner, benches contribute to the overall appearance of a city. They can be design elements that enrich the environment and make it more attractive.

Outdoor concrete benches: solidity and style

Of the various types on the market, concrete benches are the most solid and durable option, ideal for high-traffic urban spaces. The solid and durable structure of these benches offers a long-term solution for street furniture, an fundamental aspect that has consideration through the investment by the public administration or the authorities in charge.

We like them for several reasons:
Solidity and strength: concrete is known for its robustness, offering a long durability without compromising on style.
Modern design: LAB23 offers modern, minimalist concrete designs that fits perfectly into contemporary urban spaces.
Varied choice of shapes: from the classic linear benches to curved and sinuous options, LAB23’s concrete benches can adapt to different aesthetics.

Wooden outdoor benches: warmth and durability

Wood, with its natural beauty and versatility, is an adorable material for creating outdoor benches. It is what is known as an “evergreen”. We analyse the characteristics of wooden benches and the options proposed by LAB23.

The main features:
natural warmth: wood adds a cosy note to urban spaces, creating a warmer and more inviting environment.
design versatility: wood is the most workable material by definition; it is flexible, durable, warm and pleasant. It allows to range from classic to modern designs without any problems.
durability: LAB23’s wooden outdoor benches are made of high-quality, strong and durable wood, guaranteeing long lasting resistance to the elements weathering.

As we have seen, the choice of outdoor benches plays very important role in the creation of welcoming and functional public spaces.

LAB23, with its wide range of options, offers solutions from robust concrete to warm wood, satisfying a variety of needs and styles.

Whether we talk about classic concrete benches, modern wooden benches or innovative smart benches, the outdoor benches from LAB23 prove to be an essential element in the evolution and enrichment of urban spaces.