In today’s world, people are increasingly leaving their cars/automobiles in the garage and embracing a more sustainable lifestyle especially in larger towns and cities.

In this transition, bicycles are gaining popularity as an eco-friendly and efficient way of getting around. However, a common question people raise is: “Okay but where can I leave my bike?” And indeed, finding secure and convenient bike parking isn’t always easy.

Keep reading to see the LAB23 practical designer solutions, and find out where toyou’re your bicycle in town!

Bike parking: cycle racks for public spaces

With bike parking by now an essential part of urban planning, LAB23 meets this growing awareness by providing cutting-edge solutions.

We’re talking about outdoor bike racks, one of the most popular products in the catalogue of this Venetian company, specialized in urban furnishings and solutions for urban mobility.

Founded with the goal of improving user experience and the appearance of our urban areas, LAB23 has created a wide range of bike racks to suit the needs of different communities and contexts.

Our products have always been made with high-quality materials, and vaunt a modern and elegant design that seamlessly integrates into urban places.

Bike racks: the models in the LAB23 catalogue

As mentioned, LAB23’s catalogue gives a range of bike-rack options that are excellent bike -parking solutions, perfect for different situations and urban contexts.

Wave Strip, Peo, Fluxus, Side and Cornice are just some of LAB23’s most popular models: in our catalogue, you can find more than 20, varying in materials, shapes, and styles.

These are all ground-mounted bike racks, which are convenient as they can be installed on pavements/sidewalks or public spaces, and can accommodate any bicycles.

The LAB23 models are highly visible, and contribute to promoting the use of bicycles in urban areas. Plus, their attention to design and materials makes them great to look at and in step with the cityscape.

Talking about costs, another key aspect when looking to improve urban furnishings.

How much does a LAB23 bike rack cost?

The cost of a bike rack varies depending on the chosen model and customized specifications.

However, it’s important to consider the long-term value these bike racks offer. They not only help preserve public space and promote a sustainable lifestyle, but also provide a safe and reliable solution for bike parking. 

Investing in a LAB23 bike rack is an investment for the future of your community and the environment. So contact us with your questions, requests, or to receive a personalized quote in just a few days. We’ll be happy to listen and reply!

We’ll showcase the solutions in the catalogue, give you the information, and prepare a structured quote based on your needs.