Plastic benches have become increasingly popular in street furniture, in recent years.

Thanks to the latest technologies on the market, it is possible to produce high-quality plastic benches that can withstand the elements (such as water, wind, snow,…) and last for many years without spoiling their appearance.

The advantages of plastic benches

One of the main advantages of plastic benches is their price. Unlike benches made of more expensive materials such as wood or metal, the price of plastic benches is generally lower.

Furthermore, benches made of plastic have almost unlimited versatility and can be made in a huge range of colors and styles, making them a very versatile choice for street furniture.


Going back to the subject of durability, the use of plastic makes these benches particularly suitable for outdoor use, as it is a weather-resistant material that does not require frequent maintenance.

Furthermore, it is a rather lightweight material, which makes plastic benches easy to move and place in different areas of the city as required.

Due to their weather resistance and low maintenance requirements, this type of product is an ideal choice for cities that aim to furnish public spaces in an economical and sustainable manner.

WPC: the plastic of the future

For the Lab23 plastic benches we use WPC  (Wood Plastics Composite), a plastic material that nowadays represents the most innovative scientific and technological answer against rapid degradation, also responding to the ecological impact of using wood in street furniture.

It is basically a plastic material that imitates and resembles wood in a very precise way, but it is actually a compound of raw wood flour, derived from the selected re-use of materials from the timber industry, and an environmentally friendly polyolefin plastic component, which has a protective and waterproofing function.

A material to be taken into consideration, because it combines the advantages of wood (warmth and aesthetic elegance) with those of plastic (practicality, versatility, price).

For a good durability of WPC parts, regular cleaning with water and appropriate detergents is necessary. Maintenance is absolutely simple and inexpensive.

Contact us to learn more about the advantages of WPC and LAB23’s catalog proposals. We will be happy to give you more information or make a quotation according to your requirements.

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