Street furniture is not a simple question of functionality, but also of design and innovation.

LAB23 stands out in the industry for offering innovative solutions that transform cities and public spaces into welcoming and lively places.

Street furniture and benches: innovative and intelligent solutions

LAB23’s benches are no longer just seats, but one of the most iconic elements of street furniture, offering not only a place to rest, but also an opportunity to socialize and enjoy the surroundings.

LAB23’s street furniture benches create multifunctional and aesthetically pleasing solutions.

In its catalogue, LAB23 offers a wide range of innovative solutions to meet various needs and styles, confirming that outdoor benches are key elements in enhancing urban spaces.

Planters and street furniture: enhancing public green spaces

Planters for street furniture play a fundamental role in enhancing public spaces, transforming cities by adding colour, greenery and life to squares, pavements and city streets.

LAB23’s proposals are not limited to a simple decorative function, but often combine planters with benches, creating true oases of relaxation and socialization in the open air.

Benches with planters are a response to modern requirements for sustainability and usability in urban spaces, highlighting a trend of evolution and transformation in the urban environment.

They not only contribute to an increase in urban greenery, but also integrate practicality and beauty, offering innovative, ergonomic and pleasant solutions for public spaces.

Sustainable street furniture: waste bins

Environmental sustainability is an increasingly important aspect of modern street furniture.

LAB23’s waste bins respond to this need in an innovative way, offering revolutionary, practical and functional solutions for waste management in public areas.

With careful design and high quality materials, these litter bins not only help to keep urban spaces clean, but also promote a culture of recycling and environmental responsibility.

LAB23 has also been producing classic litter bins for street furniture for over 20 years, offering a wide range of models in wood, steel and mixed wood/steel, such as the Crossed, Wood and Tower models.

The variety of models and materials available in LAB23 litter bins allows them to be adapted to different needs and architectural styles, helping to improve the aesthetic appearance of urban spaces while promoting environmental sustainability.

Bike racks: the new stars of street furniture

Outdoor bike racks for street furniture are another important component in the transformation of more sustainable and liveable cities.

LAB23 offers a wide range of creative solutions that allow bicycles to be parked safely and tidily, thus encouraging the use of eco-friendly means of transport and reducing air pollution.

What distinguishes LAB23’s proposals is their approach to design, combining aesthetics and functionality in a harmonious and effective manner.

Each piece of street furniture is carefully designed to blend seamlessly into its surroundings, helping to create welcoming and well-organized public spaces.

In addition, LAB23 constantly strives to find innovative and sustainable solutions for street furniture, using high quality materials and eco-friendly production processes.

The company also stands out for its attention to detail and customisation, offering solutions tailored to the specific needs of each urban context.

Thanks to LAB23’s innovative approaches and high quality realizations, cities around the world can be transformed into more beautiful, welcoming and liveable places for all citizens.