In the area of waste management, recycling collection plays a key role in promoting sustainable practices and reducing environmental impact.

In recent years, more and more cities have committed to the creation of adequate infrastructure for separate collection in public spaces, including the installation of bins specifically for this purpose.

Elements in street furniture, such as recycling bins, play a crucial role in educating citizens about the importance of proper waste disposal and helping to create a cleaner, more sustainable city. Let’s take a look together at some more information about the design and characteristics of waste bins intended for recycling collection in our cities.

Recycling bins: an innovative street furniture solution

Litter bins, and specifically recycling bins made specifically for outdoor use, are a practical and effective solution to encourage citizens to separate their waste even when they are in public spaces such as parks, squares and main streets.

These litter bins are designed to enable efficient waste separation by having separate compartments for different types of waste, such as paper, plastic, glass, and organic.

The objective of street furniture, in addition to its aesthetic function, is also to meet the practical needs of the city and its inhabitants: these litter bins are an element that combines both these aspects.

The advantages of litter bins in the city

The installation of waste bins in public places offers numerous advantages.

Let us look at them together:

  1. It encourages proper separation of waste, facilitating its subsequent disposal in an appropriate manner. This helps to increase recycling rates and reduce the sending of waste to landfill or incineration.
  2. It improves the image and appearance of cities. The presence of dedicated recycling bins demonstrates the commitment of local administrations to promoting a cleaner and more sustainable city, increasing citizens’ sense of ownership and responsibility.
  3. It is a practical solution for waste management. Thanks to their weatherproof and tamper-proof design, waste bins can withstand different environmental conditions and intensive use, ensuring an efficient and long-lasting collection system.

The waste bins of LAB23

LAB23 is an Italian company specializing in the design of urban furniture solutions (benches, planters, seats, litter bins, bike racks and much more).

Its product catalog includes many models of waste bins, which, thanks to a careful selection of long-lasting materials and revolutionary design, promote better city living and make citizens more aware of environmental sustainability.

The catalog includes many models of waste bins, differing in style, but all with an eye for design and functionality for the citizen.

Browse our online catalog and see our proposals for recycling in urban areas.