In modern cities, waste management is a crucial issue to ensure a clean, sustainable and attractive urban environment. However, waste bins can often be unattractive and release unpleasant odours, spoiling the appearance of streets and public parks.

To tackle this problem, ‘bin covers‘ have been developed, smart solutions that aim to hide and improve the appearance of waste and recycling bins.

Let us go into more detail and understand the functions and benefits.

What is a bin cover and what is it for?

A bin cover is a piece of street furniture specifically designed to conceal waste bins and make them less visible to the public.

Made of durable, high quality materials, these products fit harmoniously into their surroundings, ensuring an aesthetically pleasing appearance and helping to preserve the beauty of our cities.

The advantages of bin covers for municipal waste management

The use of bin covers brings with it numerous advantages from both an aesthetic and functional point of view:

  1. Improving the urban appearance: Dumpster covers allow rubbish cans to be hidden, helping to maintain a tidy and welcoming appearance of streets and public places. This promotes a pleasant environment and encourages citizens and tourists to enjoy the urban space.
  2. More efficient waste management: thanks to bin covers, waste separation and disposal can be better organised. Often, these street furniture elements are designed with separate compartments for the different types of materials to be recycled, facilitating the sorting process.
  3. Odour reduction: Dumpster covers are designed to limit the release of unpleasant odours, contributing to improved air quality and a healthier environment for citizens.
  4. Sustainability and durability: quality products, such as those offered by LAB23, are made of weatherproof and corrosion resistant materials, ensuring a long life span and reducing the need for frequent replacements.
  5. Customisation: bin covers can be customised with colours, decorations or logos of the municipality or local companies, allowing for greater integration with the identity of the location.

LAB23: our proposals for bin covers

As one of the leading companies in the field of street furniture and design of smart solutions for the city, we at LAB23 offer a wide range of designer dumpster covers, designed to combine functionality and aesthetics. Their products are made of high quality materials that are weatherproof and easy to clean, guaranteeing long life and easy maintenance.

Thanks to the wide range of models available, the covers can be customised to suit the specific needs of any urban context, from the metropolis to the small town centre.

Take a look at CORAL COVER, the container cover where design and practicality combine to find intelligent solutions for city waste. In fact, classic 120 litre wheeled containers often make our cities look unattractive, so this design product dresses and disguises these containers, which are placed inside the Coral Cover, secured by a lockable door.

Contact us to learn more about LAB23’s catalogue proposals. We will be happy to give you more information or make a quotation according to your requests.