When it comes to urban furnishings, WPC refers to a wood composite designed to replicate and even improve upon the performance of the most commonly used architectural material: wood.

The acronym WPC stands for Wood Plastics Composite, and its primary objective is to address the degradation associated with the use of conventional wood in many everyday situations. Let’s delve deeper into this modern and performing material.

What is WPC Wood?

WPC is an artificial wood, specifically composed of raw wood flour obtained from the selective reuse of materials from the lumber industry and an eco-friendly polyolefin plastic component that serves as a protective and waterproofing agent.

This innovative and synthetic material resolves many ecological and economic issues stemming from the use of wood in urban furnishings.

The Benefits of WPC

In addition to addressing the economic and ecological concerns associated with wood, WPC offers further advantages.


It can retain heat like natural wood and has the same elegance in appearance, despite being a 100% composite and synthetic material.

To keep it looking beautiful over time, regular cleaning with water and specific detergents is all that’s needed, making its maintenance straightforward and cost-effective.


WPC Wood for Outdoor Use in Lab23’s Offerings

As mentioned earlier, technical WPC wood has numerous benefits that make it suitable for creating products related to urban furnishings.

For this reason, LAB23 has chosen to incorporate it into various offerings in its catalog, aiming to enhance the performance of its creations designed for the city.

Among the products bearing the LAB23 signature and made from WPC wood, you can find benches, chairs, and planters.

LAB23’s WPC benches include these models:

  • Wall
  • Fluxus
  • Wing
  • Mix
  • Horizon
  • Paper

Other products in LAB23’s catalog include the Horizon chair, the Fifty planter and the Fluxus armchair.

You can explore LAB23’s WPC products on our official website. If you are interested and curious about the choice of materials in urban furnishings, you can learn more on our official materials page: lab23.it/en/materials/.

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