Concrete is one of the most commonly used materials in urban furniture, and the reasons for its popularity are clear: it ensures the creation of a solid, durable, stable and safe product, all essential qualities in the design of public spaces.

Furthermore, concrete allows the product to be shaped with great freedom, making it suitable for any context and giving it a welcoming and elegant appearance.

The Benefits of Concrete Urban Furnishings

Due to the numerous virtues of concrete, one of the materials frequently used at LAB23 is UHPC (Ultra-High Performance Fiber Reinforced Concrete), a construction mortar with exceptionally high mechanical and aesthetic performance.

This innovative mortar has been specifically developed for both indoor and outdoor concrete furnishings, as well as artistic works and many other applications.

UHPC consists of pre-mixed concrete with sand, alkali-resistant glass fibers and additives. The material is designed for high-end design and is ideal for outdoor urban furnitures because its fibrous texture, combined with excellent durability, ensures resistance to cracking.

UHPC is:

  • Workable
  • Flexible
  • Suitable for reproducing the finest details

One of its main advantages is its adaptability to complex molds and formwork and the creation of small, thin, smooth or differently finished architectural elements.

As for its coloration, it can be pigmented in paste and is available in a wide variety of colors, with multiple achievable effects.

Furthermore, its very fine grain allows for lighting effects that enhance its mineral content and the natural appearance of the material.

Finally, it’s worth noting that UHPC is more durable than common concrete mixes, characterized by excellent longevity and preservation due to the fibers in its composition and reduced porosity.

LAB23 Solutions for Concrete Furnishings

Considering the significant advantages and benefits of UHPC, LAB23 has chosen to produce numerous products using this material over time.

Think of its concrete benches for urban furnishings (among the most beloved models are Boomerang, Petal, S-Combo, Cala, Haute Couture, Blade, Smart Bench, S Curvo, Aveo, Fuksas, Wave, Onda, Bay, Lani, Emme, etc.) and concrete planters (Fifty, Aveo, Curly, Lid, etc.), as well as the Section Stool deterrent, the Sea Life trash bin, and many other urban furnishings crafted from concrete, all bearing the LAB23 signature.

You can view a complete gallery of our products made in UHPC on our official website.

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