The bicycle rack is the key element in the urban design of modern cities.

Beside promoting the use of bicycles as an environmentally friendly and healthy transport, it provides safety and creates order in the public spaces.

Continue reading the article and explore with us the importance of bicycle racks, different available models, used materials, maintenance and durability, as well as insights at the products offered by LAB23,  Company based in Veneto and specialized in urban furniture solutions.

Bike racks: what they are and why they are important in the city

Bike racks are structures designed to park bicycles in a safe and orderly manner.

These elements of street furniture are essential for several reasons:

  1. Promotion of sustainable mobility: they encourage the use of bicycles, reducing pollution and improving the air quality.
  2. Security: they provide a safe place to tie up bicycles, preventing theft and damage.
  3. Organization of public space: they maintain order in urban areas, preventing bicycles from being parked haphazardly, leaning against walls, etc.
  4. Convenience for cyclists: they provide an easy-to-find reference point for parking the bicycle, making daily use of the bicycle easier.

Continue reading the article to learn more about models, materials and technical specifications of bike racks.

Available models, materials used, design and functionality of bike racks

Racks come in different models, including the vertical and horizontal bike rack, each with specific features to meet different needs.

The vertical rack, for example, is ideal for limited spaces, allowing bicycles to be parked upright and saving floor space.

The materials used for the construction of bike racks include:

  • stainless steel, which is particularly resistant to corrosion and suitable for outdoor use;
  • painted iron, available in different colors, which offers a pleasant and harmonious visual impact;
  • concrete, ideal for ensuring great stability and resistance to vandalism;
  • treated wood, an aesthetic and ecological choice, often combined with other materials, for greater durability.

The design of outdoor bike racks is very important for harmonious integration into urban spaces while maintaining high levels of functionality.

The modular design allows the racks to be adapted to different space dimensions, ensuring ease of use and enabling the bike to be quickly and securely tied down. In addition, good design contributes to the attractiveness of public spaces, enriching the urban design.

LAB23 bike racks

LAB23 is a leading Company in the street furniture sector based in Veneto and specialized in the design and production of various types of solutions, including bike racks.

LAB23 bike racks are characterized by a modern and attractive design, ideal for harmoniously integrating into urban contexts.

They are made of high-quality materials such as stainless steel, painted iron and other durable materials, which guarantee weather and vandal resistance.

They are also versatile: available in various models to meet different space and functional requirements.

These products are ideal for parks, schools, shopping centers and other public areas where safe parking for bicycles is needed.

As we have seen in this in-depth article, bike racks are an indispensable element of modern cities, as they promote the use of bicycles and contribute to a tidier and safer urban environment.

LAB23, with its wide range of high quality bike racks, stands out as an ideal partner for those looking for innovative and durable urban furniture solutions.

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