Barricades are a fundamental tool for organizing and improving the efficiency of road and pedestrian routes, ensuring safety, order, and clarity in various situations.

These modular elements come in various shapes and materials, but metal barricades, especially those made of iron, play a crucial role in many urban and public areas.

In this article, we will explore the utility of barricades, how they are constructed and their various applications, with a focus on the solutions offered by LAB23.

The utility of barricades in urban spaces

Barricades are temporary or permanent barriers that delineate spaces, guide vehicular and pedestrian traffic, and provide clear instructions. They are used in many circumstances, including public events, roadworks, construction sites, demonstrations, fairs and more.

Barricades serve several roles in cities:

  1. Safety: metal barricades, particularly those made of iron, offer a sturdy physical barrier that prevents unauthorized access to specific areas. They can separate pedestrians from vehicular traffic or demarcate hazardous zones, such as ongoing construction sites.
  2. Traffic Guidance: road barricades direct the flow of vehicular traffic, indicating lanes to follow, temporary detours and alternative routes. This helps reduce confusion and the risk of road accidents during construction or events.
  3. Space Organization: in gatherings or crowded locations, pedestrian barricades create dedicated lanes for pedestrians, preventing congestion and ensuring smooth movement. Additionally, they help define areas designated for different activities.
  4. Visual Communication: barricades can be used to convey informative, advertising or warning messages. This is particularly useful at public events or in situations where reaching a large audience is necessary.

Now, let’s explore the solutions offered by LAB23, a Venetian company specializing in smart solutions for urban environments.

LAB23’s barricades for the city

LAB23, a leader in urban furniture and public space solutions, offers a range of iron barricades and bollards that combine functionality and design.

LAB23’s barricades are designed to meet the needs of urban safety and space organization. They are available in various finishes and designs, allowing for easy integration into the surrounding environment. Whether they are pedestrian barricades or road barricades, attention to detail and construction quality are always a top priority.

An example is “Classic,” composed of two posts made in the central, lower and upper parts from steel tubing with a diameter of 80 mm and a thickness of 1.5 mm. Two sections of H 40 mm are made from stainless steel tubing AISI 316 with a diameter of 76 mm and a thickness of 2 mm. The product is made from steel, which is subsequently treated with an electrolytic zinc plating process and finished with PP powder coating in a choice of RAL colors.

Another model available in the catalog is “Zig Zag,” made with rectangular section tubing measuring 50×30 mm and a thickness of 2 mm. The tubes are welded together to create the distinctive aesthetic pattern that characterizes the barricade. Again, steel is used, which is subsequently treated with an electrolytic zinc plating process and finished with PP powder coating in a choice of RAL colors.

Contact us to explore all the products in LAB23’s catalog. We will provide you with all the necessary information and prepare a personalized quote based on your needs.