The world of urban design is a whirlwind of creativity, functionality and innovation, where exceptional talents transform public spaces into living works of art.

Behind every bench, streetlight or street furniture there is a designer who has shaped not only the aesthetics, but also the experience and functionality of the urban environment.

In this context, LAB23 stands out like a beacon, a company that is internationally renowned for its dedication to creating high quality and innovative design street furniture solutions worldwide. Read on to find out more.

What does the work of the designer consist of?

Designers are architects of the world around us, they shape every detail of it to enhance our everyday experience.

They are visionaries who turn ideas into tangible realities, blending form and function to create something truly extraordinary. From parks to squares, streets to pedestrian areas, designers play a crucial role in giving shape and character to urban spaces.

The world of urban design boasts a host of famous designers whose work has left an indelible mark on cities around the world. Names such as Frederick Law Olmsted, the genius behind Central Park, and Jan Gehl, who transformed many cities into more human and liveable spaces, are just some of the legendary figures who have shaped our cities.

However, less-known designers also make a vital contribution to shaping the urban fabric, contributing their creativity and expertise to improving the quality of life in cities.

Urban Designer: a key specialization

The urban designer is a key figure in the urban design landscape. These professionals are experts in creating and planning urban spaces that reflect the needs and aspirations of communities.

From designing public parks and gardens to planning new urban developments, urban designers are the guardians of beauty and functionality in our cities.

In this international scenario, Italy has a rich tradition in design, and the street furniture sector is no exception.

Italian designers such as Massimo Iosa Ghini, Paola Navone and Franco Albini have left an indelible mark on the international scene with their iconic and innovative creations. Their work reflects Italian design excellence and the attention to detail that characterizes Made in Italy.

How does one become a designer?

Becoming a designer requires a combination of talent, passion and education.

Many designers take academic paths in industrial design, architecture or urban design. However, continuous learning and experience in the field are equally crucial to develop the skills needed to succeed in this field.

The ability to think creatively, solve problems and understand user needs are just some of the essential qualities of a successful designer.

In recent years LAB23 has decided to collaborate with some of the most innovative designers on the international scene. Names like Stéphane Chapelet, Roberto Semprini, Barreca & Lavarra and many others embody excellence in urban design, combining creativity, innovation and functionality to transform urban spaces into extraordinary places.

Through their dedication and expertise, they help in shaping the fabric of our cities and improving the quality of life for all citizens.

Keep following us to discover new design and urban furniture projects from LAB23, at your side to improve cities and the experience of citizens around the world.