Urban design refers to how public spaces are conceived, furnished, and made functional. Urban furniture is applied to squares, parks, promenades, airports, train stations, shopping centers, and any other public place.

The primary goal of urban design is to make public spaces accessible to people, using creative and cutting-edge solutions while considering sustainability and respect for the surrounding environment.

Urban furniture involves the design of benches, recycling bins, bike racks, planters, bollards, bus shelters, and other objects that enhance communal spaces.

Urban Furniture: LAB23’s Design

LAB23 specializes in urban design as a combination of furniture, art, and culture. Through its projects, it introduces a new vision of city spaces.

What sets LAB23 apart from other producers in the same field is the company’s philosophy of working not only in Italy but also internationally, collaborating with designers of various nationalities, styles, and cultures. This approach allows LAB23 to tailor each creative proposal to the specific needs of its clients.

The History of LAB23 and its Relationship with Urban Design

In 1958, Veneta Plastica was established, the company that laid the foundation for the LAB23 project. For nearly 40 years, the factory produced galvanic plants for goldsmith companies until 1996 when it transitioned into the hands of the son, who introduced a new philosophy and entrepreneurial idea.

The initial successes for what would later become LAB23 came in the early 2000s with the TRIBIN recycling bin, first requested by the city of Athens and then by the municipality of Turin during the 2006 Winter Olympic Games.

Officially, LAB23 was born in 2007. In 2009, it made its grand debut at the Milan Fuori Salone, and in 2013, it collaborated with the internationally renowned architect Zaha Hadid, who designed a bench for LAB23, presented during that year’s Fuori Salone.

Among LAB23’s recent urban design projects are the City Life neighborhood in Milan, the Parco del Mare in Rimini, Place de la Nation in Paris, and the Molo Jean Charles Rey in the Principality of Monaco.

Currently, our catalog includes over 300 products, and we collaborate with more than 20 Italian and international designers.

Even today, LAB23 plays a crucial role in urban architecture, continuously evolving its products and projects to make the urban environment a better, more livable place in line with the needs of its inhabitants.