Even the use of a traditional material like steel can become innovative when approached with a fresh perspective.

This is the case with Corten steel, which starts as common steel, but it is enriched through a special oxidation process, making it a “living” material that changes over time, altering its coloration based on weather conditions, shape, and its placement.

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Corten Steel in Urban Furnishings

The uniqueness of Corten steel is closely tied to the distinctive nature of its color, which changes based on the factors mentioned above.


As time passes, Corten undergoes transformations: its maturation requires exposure to a natural oxidation system, a non-invasive technique with no environmental impact.

This system results in Corten steel evolving over time, never uniform, and characterized by countless shades of color, especially in the welding areas.

Advantages and Cost of Corten

The advantages of using Corten steel in urban furnishings are primarily threefold:

  1. High resistance.
  2. Natural oxidation.
  3. Self-protection.

Corten steel, in fact, resists corrosion and atmospheric agents eight times longer than common steel. It forms a protective patina that shields it from material corrosion, allowing it to naturally oxidize and regenerate indefinitely without ever wearing out, reinventing itself each time.

The cost of a material like Corten is not high; in fact, it is comparable to that of common steel on the market and varies with the fluctuation in the price of this material.

Corten Steel at LAB23

At LAB23, we have numerous products made from Corten steel.

Among the Corten steel planters, you’ll find Crossed, Coral, Coral Sound, D-Planter, Five, Planter Box, and many more. We also offer Corten steel plant protectors like Libellule, Foglie, Lettere, Pesci, and Farfalle.

Our catalog of Corten steel benches is extensive and includes models like Paer, Cekta, Horizon, Alfa, Incontro, Fluxus, and others. Not to forget, we also provide Corten steel waste bins like Easy, Stile, Coral, and Fluxus.

These are just some of LAB23’s Corten steel urban furnishing products. To see them all, visit our catalog on our website.

If you’re interested and curious about material choices in urban furnishings, you can delve deeper on our official materials page: www.lab23.it/en/materials/

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