Beautiful, elegant, with timeless charm: wood is a highly beloved and appreciated material, even in the furnishing of our cities. Continue reading this article and discover the advantages and properties of wood in urban furnishings.


Urban Space Furnishing with Wood: The Benefits

The advantages of choosing wood as a material for urban space furnishings are numerous, spanning from aesthetic reasons to practical benefits.

First and foremost, wood is a captivating material that effortlessly complements both modern and classic furnishings. It is also a comfortable and relaxing material, capable of conveying comfort and warmth in any context it is placed in.

Moving on to the practical advantages of wood in urban furnishings:

  1. Wood is hygroscopic, meaning it can regulate humidity by absorbing excess moisture.
  2. It is safe because it does not release volatile organic compounds or any chemical vapors.
  3. Wood requires minimal maintenance and lasts over time, remaining unchanged without the need for extensive interventions.

Choosing Exotic Wood in Urban Furnishings

Among the numerous types of wood, exotic wood is often favored in urban furnishings. This is because it is often more durable and long-lasting compared to the types of wood found in Italy or Europe.

At LAB23, we have chosen to use two types of exotic wood in urban furnishings: iroko and okoumé.


Iroko comes from the West coast of Africa, resembling teak in color but being even more resistant to temperature variations, humidity, and the effects of weather, making it ideal for outdoor use. It is naturally protected by its own oils, rendering its surface impermeable.

Okoumé, on the other hand, is more reddish-rosaceous, originating from tropical Western Africa. It is also used in the maritime industry due to its long-lasting qualities, remaining unaffected by rain, humidity, and other weather-related factors.

LAB23: Wood Products for External Spaces

Because of all the advantages and properties mentioned above, LAB23 frequently employs wood in products designed for urban furnishings.

Among our wooden benches for urban furnishings, you can find models like Marilyn Emme, Wing, Armonia, Zen, Horizon, and many more. For wooden planters in urban furnishings, there are models like Moko, Lid and Fifty.

However, LAB23’s catalog features many more wooden products: chairs, waste bins, bicycle racks, plant protectors, armchairs, bollards, picnic tables, and more. Discover all the wooden products in LAB23’s catalog.

You can delve deeper into the topic of materials used in urban furnishings by visiting our official materials page:

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