Concrete benches have become an increasingly popular choice for urban furnishings and outdoor spaces. In modern urban design, concrete is gaining favor among designers and city administrators for good reason.

These sturdy structures offer undeniable advantages, including extreme strength, durability and a modern aesthetic.


Continue reading this article to explore the features and prices of concrete benches, with a focus on LAB23’s catalog and available models.

Characteristics of Concrete: Benches and Other Urban Furnishings

Concrete is a highly regarded material in architecture, primarily known for its solidity and stability. Benches and other structures made from this material can more easily withstand weather conditions and daily wear and tear without significant damage over time.

Additionally, concrete benches require minimal maintenance, making them ideal for outdoor use in public spaces such as parks, squares and pedestrian areas.

Another undeniable advantage is that they do not require painting or special treatment to keep them in good condition. This translates to extremely low long-term operating costs, which becomes an important consideration for many local administrations and communities.

Concrete Benches: Prices

But how much does a concrete bench cost? The prices of concrete benches can vary significantly based on the design, dimensions and product specifications. However, as we have seen, in the long term, these benches represent a cost-effective investment due to their durability and low maintenance costs.

In LAB23’s online catalog, you can find numerous urban elements made of concrete, suitable for various needs and budgets.

Specifically, our company offers two elegant and functional models of concrete benches that seamlessly integrate into urban spaces, from parks to squares: we are talking about Fuksas and Wall, let’s take a closer look at them.

Outdoor Concrete Benches: Available Models

The Fuksas Collection is a concrete bench with a backrest designed by the designer Fuksas. It features a base made of Hyperconcrete Top, a special material composed of concrete, sand, and resin, with a smooth surface.

It also has a colored surface made of Hypergranite, which is resistant to wear and weather, repairable with a special kit, and available in various colors and finishes.

On the other hand, Wall is a bench consisting of four sturdy load-bearing elements in sheet steel with wooden or WPC slats. Up to four armrests can be added to this bench. There are 8 countersunk holes for wall mounting.

In Wall, the steel is galvanized and painted, the wood (iroko or okoume) is treated with UV-resistant oils, while the WPC is made up of 70% wood and 30% recycled plastic. The bench is inserted into a concrete support.

If you liked our concrete benches, we invite you to visit our website online. Learn more about our benches and all the other proposals created by our designers for Italian and European cities. Request LAB23’s catalog. We will be happy to provide you with more information or prepare a personalized quote based on your requirements.