What is a smart bench?

The smart bench, also known as an intelligent bench or smart bench, is a solution designed for urban furniture that goes beyond the simple concept of a traditional bench, offering citizens a multitude of integrated and interconnected services.

Let’s explore the functions that smart benches offer today and the advantages for those who use them.

Smart Bench: The Benefits

A smart bench is an intelligent addition to urban furniture because it incorporates the ability to connect to the internet via Wi-Fi hotspots and provides USB ports for electronic device charging.

These technological benches can also monitor air quality through built-in sensors, offer useful service information, provide LED nighttime lighting through lampposts, and much more.

In an innovative and efficient approach to urban design, smart benches take center stage, enhancing public spaces such as parks, squares, bus shelters, train stations, airports, and shopping centers. Thanks to smart benches, cities become safer, more beautiful and more sustainable.


LAB23’s Intelligent Bench

Within our product catalog, LAB23 presents our vision of a smart bench.

Designed by Progetto CMR, this smart bench offers a perfect blend of design, research, and innovation, suitable for both outdoor and indoor settings.

Each bench is configurable and customizable according to the needs of the environment in which it is placed and the user who will use it.

Its basic structure is made of galvanized and powder-coated steel, while the seating can be crafted from wood, steel, or UHPC, with a comfortable steel armrest.

Here are the technologies integrated into our smart bench:

  • USB Port – Each USB port has a maximum absorption of 2.5 A and can charge most smartphones or tablets currently on the market.
  • Audio – The smart bench can play audio tracks in mp3 format and can be connected via Bluetooth.
  • Bluetooth – Bluetooth is controlled through the remote management system.
  • LED – The bench can be equipped with anodized aluminum LED strips, controlled through the remote management system and available in various sizes.
  • Sensors – The bench can be customized with various types of sensors. Some detect the passage of people, while others measure temperature or CO2 levels in the air, and still others monitor the level of waste in integrated bins.
  • User Interface – The user interface is an excellent means to promote and share cultural and commercial activities, as well as information and events related to the installation location.
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot

In our benches, Wi-Fi allows internet connectivity, remote management, and captive portal services.

Contact us to learn about the specifications, get more information, or request pricing for our smart bench. For an innovative perspective on urban spaces where sustainability, design, and usability converge to enhance the lives of citizens.