The furnishing of city spaces plays a fundamental role in the functionality and design of our cities. From benches to planters, from litter bins to bicycle racks, it is important to select high quality materials that can withstand wear and tear and blend harmoniously with their surroundings.

Among the most widely used materials for street furniture, wood (and in particular Okumè) stands out for its exceptional characteristics and versatility. Let’s discover its origins, aesthetics and advantages together.

Okumè wood, origin and appearance

Okumè wood, also known as Okoume, originates from West Africa and is mainly found in the forests of Gabon, Congo and Angola.

This wood is characterized by a light pinkish color that tends to darken slightly over time, giving it a warm and elegant appearance.

Its fine and homogeneous grain makes Okumé wood extremely pleasant to the touch, inviting people to linger and enjoy the public spaces it covers.

The advantages of Okumè wood

The durability of Okumè wood is its main characteristic, making it perfect for urban furniture.

Okumè is resistant to impact, but also to atmospheric agents and humidity, keeping its beauty intact over time.

Maintenance costs are also kept to a minimum, making Okumè wood a sustainable and ultimately economical choice for long-term city furnishing projects.

Okumè wood panels are also highly valued for their versatility. Thanks to their lightweight structure, they can be easily machined and shaped to fit different shapes and designs.

This allows designers to create customized furniture elements that blend in perfectly with their surroundings and reflect the architectural style of the location.

Okumé panels can be used to create benches, litter bins, planters and much more, creating welcoming and aesthetically pleasing public spaces.

How much does Okumè wood cost?

Another important aspect to consider is the price of Okumè wood. Compared to other types of fine wood, such as teak, Okumè is certainly more affordable, while maintaining its excellent quality.


This is why it is often chosen by local administrations and designers, who thanks to this particular type of wood can realize high quality street furniture projects without spending huge amounts of money.

LAB23 uses Okumè wood in street furniture

LAB23 has been an expert in street furniture for many years, both in Italy and internationally. We have a great passion for everything that is beautiful, functional and innovative.

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